What is my initial investment?

This depends on which brand you are interested in. Please contact us to get more details. 

What if I have never owned a franchise before?

Even if you don’t have previous experience with a franchise, if you meet our other requirements, we are more than happy to provide further training, such as operationaltraining,and further training as designated.

How long will it take to open my CEF location?

An average of 5-7 months is typical (refer to schedule below)


  • 2 months for site selection/ evaluation

  • 1-2 weeks for lease negotiation

  • 1-2 weeks for design/ architecture

  • 2-4 weeks for planning submittal/ review and construction bidding process

  • 6-8 weeks for construction (can depend on site conditions)

  • 1-2 weeks final store opening set-up


Also, depends on which brand is choosen.

What is the initial franchise fee, royalty, national advertising, and monthly promotional advertising fee?

Please request information for the brand that you are interested in opening; since fees are different depending on brand. 


Our monthly royalties start with a flat fee or a % rate; with you paying whichever is Less. 

Can I use my own recipes and menu ideas? Can I add or adjust my menu to my own preferences?

Franchisees must sell only approved products in their restaurants. We do in courage our Franchisees to suggest "new items". The new item must be reviewed by a CEF food specialist, and if it meets our standards, it may be added to your menu and we will offer it as a standard item to other Franchisees. This enables the Franchisees to be involved and control how our Franchisees evolve. Franchise advisory boards provide input on potential new items.

I'm interested in pursing this further, what should I do next?

Complete the “Application” form by clicking here.

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